Top 9 Games of April that You Shouldn’t Miss- Sea of Thieves, Sand Land, Contra and more!

The unofficial “Gamers’ Spring” is here, bringing an assortment of pixelated adventures and voyages that’ll be memorable. Our digital garden has various colourful gaming treasures, ranging from galactic adventures to claymation missions. Prepare to enter worlds where you can fight from the comfort of your couch against empires, make friends with death, and even negotiate…

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Puzzle Games on PSN Cover

8 Best Puzzle Games on PS4 and PS5

Puzzle games have evolved from mere noggin’ joggers to full-blown sensory adventures that intertwine brain-teasing puzzles with stories that’ll pull at your heartstrings, stunning visuals you’ll want to frame, and gameplay mechanics that might just make you question the laws of physics. Brace yourself for the ultimate puzzle-solving experience with our handpicked collection of the…

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Top Games of March 2024 Cover

Top 5 Video Games of March 2024

The year commenced with absolute banger video games like Palworld, Helldivers 2, Skull and Bones, Tekken 8, and more! While 2024 isn’t running short on titles, we felt it to be the perfect time to update you all with the top 5 video games of March!  From adventure to graphics to action, these games have…

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15 Best Sci-Fi games on Steam Cover

15 Best Sci-Fi Games on Steam

Buckle up, for you’re about to embark on a quest through the 15 most spellbinding and downright quirky sci-fi games the Steam universe offers! Welcome to the whimsical Sci-Fi zone on Steam, where your controller is your key to the unknown realms of imagination! Imagine a universe where cats roam cyberpunk cities, and spaceships are the…

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Nightingale Cover

Nightingale Game Review

Nightingale is yet another one of those games in 2024 that we’d recommend adding to your adventure video game collection. Here we are to quickly dive into the features, gameplay, pros and cons of the game Nightingale. Introduction While the game aligns far more closely with a Valheim adventure as opposed to Dragon Age, we’d…

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Skull and bones review Cover Image

Skull and Bones Game Review

Ahoy! All aboard for an action-packed journey to the seas! They say that the sea is a restless lover, and players of Skull and Bones would second that opinion like us! Ubisoft is back with its highly awaited pirate RPG after multiple delays, and it’s safe to say that it did have us grinding for about…

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